Playing times

Our "usual" performance would consist of two 55 minute sets or possibly three 40-minute spots spread throughout the event, finishing at or before midnight. Ideally 2 x 55 min sets between 8pm and midnight usually prove ideal.  Shorter or longer performances can however be negotiable. We will do our best to comply with your timings to fit the schedule of your event.

We can provide other music for your event

Background cocktail trio or quartet music for meals or early evening receptions before the band performance can all be arranged as well as providing a DJ service for the event if required. These will however be subject to some additional costs.  

Set up time

It would take at least an hour to be able to set up effectively and about the same time to tidily clear away the stage and dressing rooms

Sound system and lighting equipment

We provide our own P.A. sound system and some lights, unless the venue has their own. We do however ask that the venue provide:-

Stage area

2 x 4 way 13amp power sockets. (One each side of the stage area)

14 chairs (without arms)

Dressing Room for changing and an area for storing equipment cases

Parking spaces close to the entrance for four cars with equipment such as drums and keyboards.

We are an 18 piece dance band so we need a reasonable space. Most stages can accommodate us however please see the plan to have some idea of the stage set up. We would however need a minimum of 10 x 6m

Dance Band composition

The conventional configuration of a dance band is two tenor saxophones,

two alto saxophones, one baritone saxophone, three or four trumpets, two or three trombones and a rhythm section consisting of piano, bass, drums and guitar.

This combination of instruments gives a full big band tonal quality and coupled with great dance arrangements lead to a great evening of fun and enjoyment.


The NIGHT OUT Scheme

We are registered with NIGHTOUT and have had very successful events with this scheme.

NIGHT OUT is an Arts Council of Wales scheme that helps local volunteer promoters put professional performances in village halls and other community venues across Wales. If you are you a community centre, village hall or similar community organisation based in Wales and would like to put on performances by professional entertainers in your local area without the headache of financial risk, then you are able to book the Phoenix Dance Band for your event.

Background music for intervals etc

If required we can provide appropriate background music through our sound system when the band is not playing.

View the band

Unfortunately we generally play at private and corporate events. However, the band does organise its own dances and these are public. If you want to be informed as to when we hold these then please send us your email address and we will let you know when these take place.

Fees for the event

We aren’t able to give exact quotations online because every event is different, and pricing will depend on your exact requirements such as distance, time of year etc. We do have a standard charge but please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be able to give an accurate price for the event.